The course: project objective


Offering a mentoring course for the personal and professional empowerment of these women is the major goal of this project. It will be a way to thank the extraordinary work of the Queijeiras da Serra da Estrela.

A course like this is a precious lever for these women to become aware of their enormous personal and professional power and value. As guardians of ancestral wisdom, they will be able to incorporate more creativity, innovation and the ability to fulfil dreams and ambitions into their daily lives. 

From awareness to empowerment

The training will be given by Rita Pelica, Chief Energy Officer & Founder ONYOU and will focus on soft skills and knowledge sharing, for the personal and professional empowerment of these women. The course will empower this group with a series of current tools, including the creation of business models, building a networking network, developing a personal brand or working on communication inside and outside social networks – in a module presented by journalist Fernanda Freitas.

Cooperativa @ Aldeias de Montanha

The face-to-face sessions of the course will be held in the Cowork Cooperative Spaces, a set of spaces implemented by ADIRAM – Association for the Integrated Development of Aldeias de Montanha Network in the mountain villages of Alvoco das Várzeas, Videmonte and Lapa dos Dinheiros. These are spaces designed to benefit the community of the Villages, upgrading built heritage and allowing access to workspaces with broadband. Born of the concepts of sustainability, social innovation and empowerment, will be comfortable and modern spaces able to host the Queijeiras in their journey of vocational training.


The results achieved will be published here and on social networks in due course, so that those who support this project can keep abreast of progress in a completely transparent way. Follow us.

Paths to the future

Our ambition is that the training course is only the first step on a successful entrepreneurial path for the Queijeiras. Our partners are ready to be a bridge that can help these women to follow the path of professional training. 

And who knows, maybe other craftswomen, responsible for so many other products in this territory, could benefit from similar projects?

We want to involve the whole of civil society in this project! You can contribute by being our partner.