The Queijeiras (cheesemakers) of Serra da Estrela are responsible for one of the most traditional and authentic products of the region, a cheese recognised nationally and internationally for its excellence

After all, and unfortunately, nowadays and in all sectors of society, in urban but especially rural contexts, there are still women who despite their unique and fundamental role, are less visible, not receiving the due personal and professional recognition. 

Over time, these women have not had the leading role they deserve in this success story of Portuguese cheeses. Making cheese in Serra da Estrela and in the mountain villages is an art that requires wisdom, dedication and passion. And only a few people have the ancestral knowledge to make it with the superior quality that makes this product one of the most appreciated of our mountain: the Queijeiras.

In order to value their art and knowledge even more, as extraordinary women responsible for this world-renowned product, we have created a very special project.

This is a project for women, made by women. It will benefit 42 Queijeiras (cheesemakers) from 9 municipalities, but we have the ambition to increase this number.

The Queijeiras project was created to pay tribute to these women and contribute to their personal and professional development.


How does it work?

Designer Sandra Pinho, inspired by the values and identity of these Women, created a cape made of burel, another of the noble products of the Serra da Estrela region, an exclusive design piece produced with the support of the Brurel Factory. Tradition and modernity take shape in a cape whose sales will be donated to provide tools to the Queijeiras so that they can empower themselves even more personally and professionally. Women participating in the project will have an opportunity to acquire new leadership and management skills, to take their ambition and dreams even further.

The whole process will be documented with the publication of a book, The Mountain Guardian Stories, which will perpetuate the testimony, history, traditions and knowledge of these women, so that future generations will never forget their know-how. 

How can I participate?

By buying your Queijeiras cape, you will be helping to fund the training course. The whole project was designed by a team of women motivated by this cause and the covers are produced at cost price by Burel Factory. The difference between the cost of production and sale, reverts in its entirety to the training course.
The cape is available for order here, in Burel Factory online shop and will be delivered via CTT. Alternatively, it can be picked up in person at one of our points of sale.

If you have any questions about how the pre-order works, we are available to clarify it through e-mail: You can also use our form to ask us any questions.