They are brave, fighters, hard-working, resilient and extraordinary, these are our Queijeiras (cheesemakers), women who make a difference and add value to the Aldeias de Montanha, to Serra da Estrela and to Portugal. Holders of a know-how that results from a legacy passed on from generation to generation, as if it were a true treasure.
The great purpose of this Project is to honour, value and give voice to the true Mountain Guardians and project onto them a successful future, with the sophistication and dignification that they and the region deserve. After all, they are responsible for taking a Luxury Product, the Serra da Estrela cheese, to the Portuguese and to the World.

There is no more beautiful way to thank them than a cape, made with the noble wool from the Serra da Estrela flocks, a course that will give them tools to reflect the present and build the future and, finally, a book that will perpetuate the stories of these inspiring Women.

To support this project is to THINK HIGH, to value Portugal and the Women that with Soul make a product that has the gift to thrill us, literally!

José Francisco Rolo,
President of the Aldeias de Montanha Network

To bring this project to life, we rely on the support at various levels from many partners who have embraced this cause. Get to know them.