Our cape is called Queijeira, and was designed from the circle, the simple shape of cheese.

Designed by Sandra Pinho, the simplicity of the cape is the motto for the creative concept, the cut, the finishes and the name.

The natural beauty of burel is highlighted in three different versions: a shorter and more practical cape, a longer cape that is a style statement and a Queijeirinha for children.

A circle is drawn that closes but always returns to where it began. To witness the succession of seasons, of generations, of the wisdom of the mountains, of animals and plants. The doing, slow, suspended in time. What has always been true, endures but reinvents itself. A circle is drawn that closes but always returns to where it begins.

capa curta
Queijeira Short Cape, in Pearl

The cape is available in various sizes and colours and wearing it is not only a tribute to these exceptional women, but also a personal statement of support for a Portuguese, sustainable and impactful piece.

Made in Portugal, with natural and indigenous raw materials, it is a piece of Portuguese design that supports the Mountain Villages community.

The colour as an expression of personality.

The Queijeiras (cheesemakers) are multifaceted women, just like all of us. We have associated each colour of the burel with one of the attributes that often characterise the inner landscape of each woman. From serenity to strength, from wisdom to determination, each Queijeiras (cheesemaker) is unique.

capa comprida
Queijeira Long Cape, in Pearl

The cape are produced by Burel Factory, in Burel – 100% wool of the breeds Bordaleira, Churra and Portuguese Merino.


  • Short Cape – 146€
  • Long Cape – 189€
  • Queijeirinha (kids) – 86 €

Prices with IVA included. Shipping  costs of 10,98 €, valid for mainland Portugal.