The History of Guardiãs da Montanha


To perpetuate the memory of this project and this cause we will gather, in a book, the testimony, the stories, the traditions and the knowledge of the cheese makers of 9 municipalities of Serra da Estrela: Seia, Gouveia, Celorico da Beira, Guarda, Manteigas, Fornos de Algodres, Covilhã and Oliveira do Hospital and Fundão.


A work of recognition. But also empowerment. The valorisation of an art, so well preserved over the centuries, but also the valorisation of human capital. In an emotional testimony, we will get to know the cheese, the knowledge and the people behind this impeccable product.


Who are these women? What is their connection to this ancestral art? This is what we will discover as we leaf through the pages of a book that shows how the work of these women so well dignifies the rural world, by perpetuating centuries of know-how that materialises in a product to which no one is indifferent.

The book The Mountain Guardian Stories is now available for pre-order. We are in the process of listening to the stories of the Queijeiras and the launch is planned for spring 2022.


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